Have you ever considered all the skills you have?

Unlock your distinctive potential and learn how to maximize it with Dokimazo. Our AI guide is here to support your professional and personal development, providing you with the tools to explore, document, and share your unique abilities.

How It Works

How It Works


Set your goals and build your Skill Wallet

Want to acquire new skills? What would you like to learn? Download your Wallet and let Dokimazo guide you in shaping your learning journey.


Get tailored suggestions

Uncertain about how to achieve your learning objectives? Receive personalized advice and recommendations for a clear roadmap on what to learn and how.


Enrich your Skill Wallet

Integrate Dokimazo with our training partners and collect all the certificates and evidence on your target skills in your Wallet. Learn to value everything you can do!


Showcase your talent

Your personal Wallet verifies your proficiency: all that’s left is to share it with everyone, from school to a company’s HR team, underscoring the richness of your educational path.


Receive custom recommendations

Dokimazo remains at your side, offering continually updated suggestions to tailor your growth journey based on newly acquired skills and your future aspirations.

How do you envision yourself in five years?

If you’re still figuring it out, Dokimazo can assist you in gaining clarity, especially when:

You're dreaming of a new job

You're studying and exploring your future

You're looking for a way to demonstrate all your skills

You want to learn new skills

You're seeking guidance in your educational journey

You're redesigning your career

We want to turn your talent in the currency for your success!

We envision a world where authentic skills, beyond what’s confined to a resume, are truly valued. No more summarizing and formatting our abilities; instead, we can effortlessly share our Wallet with everyone a digital space that showcases each skill, from mastering origami to excelling in social media management.
What we’re capable of is more than just words on paper; it’s the genuine driving force behind our growth.

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